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12/11/13: Below is the video from last April's performance of Mare Tranquillitatis by Jamie Nix and the Columbus State University Wind Ensemble. I couldn't be happier with how they sounded, and their recording of the work is scheduled to be released on a Naxos CD sometime in the next year or so. I'm also happy to say that the Auburn Wind Symphony under the baton of Rick Good will perform Mare Tranquillitatis at the CBDNA South Regional Conference in Jacksonville in February. Another recording to be released this coming March is the Akropolis Reed Quintet's rendition of my Variations on Reverse Entropy.

10/6/13: My wife, Alexandra Dee, just posted a video of her performance of my Fractal Miniatures with students at Florida State University. It's a really fantastic performance and I've embedded her video below:

8/15/13: I am happy to announce that my mixed quartet, Irlandzki Polonez, was chosen as a winner of The Chicago Ensemble's Discover America VIII contest. Scored for oboe, violin, cello, and piano, the Chicago Ensemble will perform my work at some point in the next couple seasons. I also found out that my work, Geometries, won the audience favorite vote at the Intimacy of Creativity last May. This means I will be returning to Hong Kong for another performance of Geometries in January, as part of the Premiere Performances of Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival.

A few days ago I received a new video of the Donald Sinta Quartet performing my saxophone quartet, LHC. It is a fantastic new recording and I highly recommend that you watch if you have 12 minutes to spare. LHC was written during the summer of 2012 and celebrates the enormous power and wealth of scientific discoveries that have been made by the LHC at CERN.

5/8/13: I'm excited to announce that my wind ensemble composition, Lift-Off, has been awarded first prize in the third annual Frank Ticheli Composition Competition (category 2). The work will be published by Manhattan Beach Music in the coming year.
4/19/13: I couldn't be happier about the recent performances of Mare Tranquillitatis that I have been able to attend. The musicality and sensitivity of the performances has been incredible for me to witness, and I am very happy to share the live recording from April 11 at Columbus State University below. They have recorded it and will be releasing it on a CD sometime in the next year. Also, the recording of Lift-Off that the UNT Wind Symphony produced is now available via all the major online retailers, including Amazon.com.

Also, the Intimacy of Creativity 2013 is beginning shortly. As a composer fellow, I am getting ready to travel to Hong Kong to rehearse, discuss, and revise my composition for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, Geometries. As it has been a couple years since I last performed as a pianist, it's been a very enlightening experience already as I've been learning my piano part, and I look forward to collaborating with other composers and performers from around the world in the next two weeks.
3/24/13: After a long wait, I finally have the recordings from my residency with the Sioux City Symphony as their 2012-13 composer of the year. I wrote a fanfare for brass and percussion for them to premiere last November and I have posted their very brilliant recording of Spectral Fanfare below. Thanks to Ryan Haskins and the Sioux City Symphony for making this all possible!

3/20/13: I've recently posted two new videos of recent performances. The first is the premiere of my most recent composition, Kugelblitz for alto saxophone and viola, by Jarita Ng, viola, and Joe Girard, saxophone. The second is of the recent performance of Aerodynamics by the Florida State University Philharmonia Orchestra, with Alexandra Dee conducting.

2/18/13: I've just posted a few new compositions, as well as a new recording of a work that spans 7 years in the making. My Pulmonary Suite for wind quintet was left unfinished after I wrote the first two movements in 2005. With plans for the third movement on the back burner, it took until late in 2012 before I finally had the motivation and time to finish the suite. The completed Pulmonary Suite was premiered at the University of Michigan on bassoonist Ryan Reynolds' first master's recital on December 8, 2012, and I have finally put up recordings of the whole suite.

The other compositions that I've recently finished include Kugelblitz for alto saxophone and viola, Lunation 1113 for violin, bassoon, and percussion, and Variations on Reverse Entropy for reed quintet (oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon), composed for the Akropolis Reed Quintet's "Unraveling" project. Right now I have midi mockups of Lunation and Kugelblitz uploaded, but I will replace recordings from the premieres as soon as I have them.
1/10/13: Happy new year! Recordings of two of my compositions have been commercially released. Dark and Stormy Night for piano and ping pong balls was recorded by Kayako Matsunaga and released under NAMI records in Japan and is available only in Japan. The UNT Wind Symphony under the baton of Eugene Corporon recorded my band version of Lift-Off. This CD is available from GIA publications. I've also uploaded a new video of Lift-Off, performed on April 4, 2012 by the University of Michigan Concert Band, Rodney Dorsey conducting

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