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12/12/09: The press release for the American Composers Orchestra concert that will have the premiere of my work, Time Lapse, was just released. Read about the concert here.
11/30/09: The Minnesota Orchestra premiere of Aerodynamics was amazing. It was such a thrill to work with an orchestra so dedicated and a conductor who is so generous. For the time being, the recording of the premiere is available for streaming on the MPR.org website, so I do encourage you to head over there and listen to it.

In other news, I completed my commission for the American Composers Orchestra, Time Lapse, and it is all set for its premiere in Carnegie Hall on January 29. It is a single-movement 15' work that takes inspiration from the concepts of two kinds of artistic photography: time-lapse photography, in which the motion of slowly moving objects is sped up and large periods of time are reduced to seconds; and high-speed photography, in which the motion of a high-speed object is slowed down to become perceptible to our senses. The music explores these two kinds of temporal perception, as motivic ideas are developed through expansion and contraction. With numerous distinct sound worlds, the piece utilizes the vibrant spectrum of orchestral colors, featuring an array of suspended cymbals and the unique sound of magnetic tape applied to the strings of the piano and harp. The piece grows from concise motivic ideas to sweeping gestures to give the listener a sense of a vast and timeless expanse.
5/24/09: I'm happy to announce that my string orchestra work, "A Midsummer's Daydream," just won the ASTA Merle J. Isaac composition contest. The press release should be available in June.

On May 21, I officially graduated from the Peabody Conservatory with my Master of Music degree. My stay at Peabody seems very brief to me, but I made a number of important connections while I was there. I head to Ann Arbor to begin my DMA studies at the University of Michigan this fall.

I also have a video of a performance up on youtube. This is definitely my silliest composition; it was written for a pop culture themed SONAR concert and I chose to imitate a malfunctioning iPod on shuffle. There is a violin concertino that runs through the work, with sporadic, well... you'll see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9espwyQbYc
4/30/09: I just edited and uploaded a new video to youtube - the premiere of "La Zebu Forte Overture" for string orchestra. It is a parody of Mozart's Magic Flute Overture, with a bit of Queen of the Night thrown in for fun. You can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfs4PzX0s7g
4/22/09: The Disintegration performance last Thursday was amazing! I just posted a recording on the chamber music page and created a Disintegration page with the videos from both performances.
4/13/09: I've got a few newsworthy items at the moment - 1) I will be attending the University of Michigan next year as a DMA candidate beginning in the fall. 2) My new orchestral work, Aerodynamics, received a BMI student composer award! 3) My chamber work, Disintegration, won 3rd prize in the Peabody Composition Department's Prix d'Ete, and will be performed this Thursday, April 16, at noon in Peabody's Friedberg hall.
1/14/09: I was just informed that my orchestral work, Lift-Off, is going to be performed by the Sarasota Orchestra on their 60th Anniversary Gala, "Ice and Fire." The program is on January 24 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota, FL.
1/12/09: My work, Green Flash, has been chosen as the recipient of the 2009 ASCAP Rudolf Nissim Prize.

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