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iPodô Shuffler

Full Orchestra
String Orchestra
Wind Ensemble
Solo Instrumental

   This 6-minute piece for solo violin, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello, bass, and percussion was composed for Colin Sorgi and the SONAR new music ensemble in 2009.

   iPodô Shuffler is a short concertino for violin and seven other instruments, as listened through a malfunctioning iPodô on shuffle. It begins growing out of a single note with pulsating chords and hazy melodic gestures by the ensemble, and the soloist comes in with a lyrical melody, soaring above the rest of the musicians. But as the concertino continues, the iPodô malfunctions at unexpected and inopportune moments. Any likeness to preexisting music in this composition most certainly does not reflect the contents of my iPodô.


The video below is of the premiere on May 20, 2009 at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, MD. Colin Sorgi is the solo violinist and Jacomo Bairos is conducting. Other musicians include Adrienne Geisler, violin; Catherine Mikelson, cello; Mary Reed, bass; Greg Marsh, clarinet; Elisabeth Kelson, bassoon; Christopher Shiley, trumpet; and Adam Rosenblatt, percussion.

I am currently self-published. You may purchase a score and set of parts with the button below. If you need a quote for a purchase order, please contact me.

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