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for SATB Choir a cappella

Full Orchestra
String Orchestra
Wind Ensemble
Solo Instrumental

Invocation was chosen as a winner of The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists 20th Anniversary Composition Competition.

Invocation is an a cappella setting of a poem written by Margaret Galvan. The poem cleverly makes a request to the ancient muses to conquer meter and rhyme, and it succeeds at this as its words unfold. The music utilizes diatonic clusters and imitative counterpoint, shifting its own meter smoothly between different time signatures as if responding to the poem's request.

Oh muses of ancient, respected time,
I come to you with but one plea.
Help me to conquer both meter and rhyme,
To win them over gracefully.

-Margaret Galvan

Duration: ca. 3'30"

Listen to a reading by the USC Concert Choir:

I am currently self-published. To purchase copies of this work, please contact me. PayPal buttons will be set up for you to order this music directly from this site soon.

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