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Nocturne étincelant

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   This piece for basset clarinet and piano was written for clarinetist Peter Wright. There also exists a version for B flat clarinet and piano. Note that these two versions are not interchangeable as the piano parts are transposed differently.

   Étincelant translates to "twinkling," and is represented in the music by a constant undulating figure first heard in the extremely high register of the piano. This figure continues through the entire piece almost unbroken while long strains of melody weave in and out of the texture as if it were a scent being carried by a midnight breeze.

Listen to Peter Wright's premiere performance on basset clarinet. August 4, 2012 at ClarinetFest in Lincoln, NE:

I am currently self-published. You may purchase pdfs of this composition with the button below.

Nocturne etincelante

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