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13 concert etudes for unaccompanied bass clarinet

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Space Bass: Advanced Explorations for Bass Clarinet is a clever, funny, and rich deep-dive into the contemporary techniques that are defining the standard of bass clarinet virtuosity in the 21st century.

This compendium of Roger Zare's unaccompanied works serves as a highly creative and inspired set of vehicles that isolate and explore the ever-expanding palette of modern techniques for bass clarinet.

Each piece is prefaced by Hudson's explanation of a specific contemporary skill melded with his clever observations and then a performance guide for specific measures and their musical content. Zare's pieces are meant to push you to the limit and expand your musical and technical capabilities in every conceivable way. Zare's explorations pave the way for other composers to see the myriad possibilities of the instrument.

- ICA's The Clarinet, Book and Music Reviews, June 2023

Following up on Elements of Contemporary Clarinet Technique, this collection of concert etudes was written in collaboration with my great friend and colleague, Andy Hudson. Inspired by the wonders of the universe, this collection of pieces targets various basic and contemporary techniques. Each etude is designed to be performed and is not merely a technical exercise, and is accompanied by a written master class and performance guide, as well as any necessary fingering charts. The final etudes combine various techniques that the previous etudes have explored. Below is a listing of the 22 etudes in this collection. The total duration of all of these pieces is roughly 50' to an hour.

SPACE BASS is available for purchase directly from Conway Publications. See below for sample pages from the book.

Chapter 1: Registers and Connections

1. Dark Matter (Low Register: Pinkies and Thumbs)
2. Pale Blue Dot (Altissimo, including fingering chart)
3. Apollo (Large Leaps Up, both slurred and tongued)
4. One Small Step (Large Leaps Down, both slurred and tongued)

Chapter 2: Articulations and Color Effects

5. Big Bang (...with Galileo in the Garden of Eden) (Slap Tongue)
6. In Memoriam, Pluto (Key Clicks and Air Sounds)
7. Spaghettification (Flutter Tongue, Growl, Timbre Trills)

Chapter 3: Multiphonics and Singing

8. Nebula (Multiphonics)
9. Supernova (Spectral Multiphonics)
10. The Golden Record (Singing While Playing)

Chapter 4: Exploratory Etudes

11. Luna
12. I Want to Believe
13. ...for the benefit of all mankind.

I Want to Believe, performed by Andy Hudson

Pale Blue Dot, performed by Andy Hudson

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SPACE BASS is available for purchase from Conway Publications.

Copyright © by Roger Zare Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.