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Elements of Contemporary Clarinet Technique
22 concert etudes for unaccompanied clarinet

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Clarinet Compositions

This collection of concert etudes was written in collaboration with my great friend and colleague, Andy Hudson. Targeting various contemporary techniques, each etude is designed to be performed and is not merely a technical exercise. Each etude is accompanied by a written master class and performance guide, as well as any necessary fingering charts. The final three etudes combine various techniques that the previous etudes have explored. Below is a listing of the 22 etudes in this collection, including one by guest composer Viet Cuong. The total duration of all of these pieces is roughly 50' to an hour.

To see a few sample pages, you can visit this book's listing on CAMco.

If you're looking to explore extended techniques on the bass clarinet, Hudson and I have followed up this collaboration with SPACE BASS. Released in the fall of 2022, this new book contains 13 new concert etudes for bass clarinet that similarly focus on a wide range of bass clarinet specific extended techniques.

1. Oxygen (Breath Control)
2. Helium (Breath Control)
3. Silver (Upward Slurs)
4. Gold (Downward Slurs)
Theme and Variations (Quarter Tones)
5. Cobalt (Variation I)
6. Tin (Variation II)
7. Silicon (Variation III)
8. Neon (Variation IV)
9. Nitrogen (Small Glissandos)
10. Copper (Large Glissandos)
11. Sulfur (Circular Breathing, Sustained)
12. Hydrogen (Circular Breathing, Moto Perpetuo)
13. Lead (Single Tonging)
14. Iron (Single Tonging)
15. Carbon (Flutter Tonguing, Growling, and Timbre Trills)
16. Mercury (Double Tonguing)
17. Uranium (Slap Tonguing)
18. Phosphorus (Multiphonics)
19. Looking Up by guest composer Viet Cuong (Multiphonics)
20. Water (H2O)
21. Salt (NaCl)
22. Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Listen to a performance of Silver by Dr. Soo Goh:

Elements of Contemporary Clarinet Technique is available for purchase from Conway Publications.

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