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The orchestral version of Fractal Miniatures, won the grand prize in the China-US Composers Project Emerging Composers Competition. The EOS Repertoire Orchestra's performance, led by Jiao Yang at the Central Conservatory in Beijing was phenomenal, and the work will be performed by the American Composers Orchestra as part of a major festival of Chinese and Chinese-American composers' music.

“Roger is an exciting and sophisticated young composer and a wonderful orchestrator. It will be fascinating to see how he develops over time.”
– Conductor Anne Manson

“Lapidary orchestrations, formal clarity, and alluringly mercurial surface give his music a strong and personal profile.”
– Composer Robert Beaser

“Roger’s work shows an extraordinary ear for orchestral texture and dramatic tension.”
– Composer Derek Bermel

“Roger Zare writes for orchestra like a real natural. It's a medium that seems to be in his blood.”
– Composer Christopher Rouse

“Roger brings hope for the future of classical music a little closer to home.”
– Sarasota Herald Tribune


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